Laura Packard - Digital Strategist for Political Campaigns and Non-Profits
Laura Packard
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I'm a partner at PowerThru Consulting, a national progressive digital consulting shop. I help nonprofits and political campaigns go from startup to rock star online, and also help them get a grasp on disparate data and systems already in place. I also love to teach, and often do trainings at conferences such as CampaignTech, Netroots Nation, Organizing 2.0 and RootsCamp, webinars, and in-person for small groups around the country.

I have consulted for and trained progressive non-profits and political campaigns around the country, covering online strategy development, organizing and outreach, fundraising, messaging, advertising and social media.

I am a veteran of numerous political campaigns and organizations over the past decade. In 2004 I did field organizing and GOTV coordination in Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County for the Michigan Coordinated Campaign, I also served as the Secretary for the Washtenaw County Democratic Party. I was the Internet Communications Director for Senator Stabenow’s successful re-election campaign in Michigan in 2006. In 2007-8 I served as Internet Director for the Coalition for Progress 527 - the largest PAC in the history of Michigan (which helped take back and hold the State House from '06-'10), as well as designing and setting up the 50 State Blog project for BlogPAC nationally, and consulting for then-Congressman Mark Schauer's successful campaign and other congressional races. In the latter half of 2008 I was the Interim Executive Director for the New Organizing Institute in Washington DC, the national new media training organization for the progressive movement. In 2009-10 the AFL-CIO sent me to the key state of Arkansas, to do communications and new media work around the labor law reform and health care reform fights. In 2010 I was the New Media Director for the Bill Halter for U.S. Senate primary campaign, which used the Internet in innovative ways and raised over 3.5 million dollars online in 3 1/2 months. I served as the Director of the Secretary of State Project national 527 in the remainder of the 2010 cycle. In 2011 I consulted for the Progressive Kick national PAC, and then joined PowerThru. In the 2012 cycle I worked with a variety of national non-profits, primarily USAction/TrueMajority - a multi-issue national online powerhouse with over 500K members, and also We Are Wisconsin during the critical 2011 Senate recalls, and African American Voter REP in the leadup to election day - the largest urban voter registration and participation project targeting African Americans in the state of California. In the 2014 cycle I worked with several campaigns around the country again, rolling out websites and advising on strategy on federal and statewide races in several states including Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and California.

Many of my presentations can be seen in written form on the PowerThru blog. In 2012 I helped rewrite the Democracy for America training manual's online organizing chapter, including contributing two new sections on online advertising and fundraising. Both of those sections are cross-posted on our blog. I also rewrote and updated the online organizing training for Camp Wellstone, and Camp Wellstone's Advanced Campaign Management School at the end of 2013.

I'm a University of Michigan alum, B.S. Computer Science, '97. I worked for several years in the tech industry in Ann Arbor before moving into politics full-time. I was a Michigan Political Leadership Program fellow in 2005, and I'm also an alum of the inaugural NOI bootcamp class in '06 and the Wellstone Advanced Campaign Management School in '07.

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