I’m an award-winning digital/new media and communications strategist, progressive political consultant, voting rights and health care advocate, writer, and small business owner based in Denver, Colorado.

I’ve staffed and consulted for Democratic campaigns from city council to U.S. Senate and with small to large non-profits across the country over the past decade+. I also serve on the board of Blue Digital Exchange, a trade association for left-leaning digital professionals. My digital work has won 5 Reed awards and 2 Pollies to date, including best use of targeting for a U.S. Senate IE campaign via social media in 2018 (which helped elect Senator Kyrsten Sinema and re-elect Senator Tammy Baldwin).

In the spring of 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer (stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). After a grueling 6 months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation treatment, I am in remission. For now. Hopefully forever. The Affordable Care Act saved my life. But all the time I was fighting cancer, I had to fight my own U.S. Senator and my President in order to keep my health insurance.

I’ve been blocked by President Trump on Twitter (now unblocked!), thrown out of (former) U.S. Senator Dean Heller’s public forum, and reached millions of people across the country with my story while fighting to protect our health care.

I serve as co-chair of the national Health Care Voter campaign. In fall of 2018, I also traveled on a bus tour around the country with Protect Our Care to 24 states/over 11,000 miles, talking about the GOP sabotage of our health care and holding elected officials accountable for their votes.

In 2018 I started a non-profit called Voices of Health Care to organize adults with serious medical conditions to tell our stories. Sign up for our regular newsletter to keep up-to-date with the attacks on our health care nationally and in the states, and find out how you can fight back.

I’m a partner at PowerThru Consulting, a boutique digital consulting firm for progressive non-profits, advocacy organizations & political campaigns. At PowerThru we work with select clients to spread their message and organize and activate their supporters online, to create change offline. We have staff in several states, and work on progressive state and federal issues, campaigns and elections. PowerThru has won five Reed awards and three Pollies for our work to date (including Best Use of Online Targeting, Best Use of Twitter, Best Congressional Website, Best State/Local Organization Website, Best County/Local/Judicial Website). We also have a brand new $500 website package for downballot Democratic candidates, DemCampaignSites.com.

I’m a regular contributor to Campaigns & Elections magazine. I’ve appeared on MSNBC and many local news programs and podcasts, spoken at United State of Women and other forums, and my personal story has been featured in publications from US News & World Report to Newsweek and People. My personal videos for NowThis have been viewed over 20 million times. I have been used as an expert source on digital campaigning or been written about in publications from Ad Age to the Observer, from NBC News to the Washington Post, and appeared as a campaign expert on LBC Radio (UK) and CTV News (Canada).

I love my work at the intersection of digital technology and advocacy, and I also love to teach and help others use technology to effectively accomplish their organizational mission. I often share digital best practices at national and regional conferences such as AAPC, Art of Political Campaigning, CampaignTech, Campaigns & Marketing Summit, NTC, Netroots Nation, Organizing 2.0, the Reed Awards, and RootsCamp, webinars for Progressive Majority, Salsa Labs and others, and trainings in-person for small groups around the country including for Wellstone’s Advanced Campaign Management School, Amalgamated Transit Union, Camp Wellstone, Center for Progressive Leadership, Clean Air Task Force, Democracy for America, HRC, New Leaders Council and New Organizing Institute. I have also been a guest lecturer at George Washington University’s M.P.S. in Political Management program.

I’ve worked with and trained at non-profits and campaigns in several states over the years, covering online strategy development, organizing and outreach, fundraising, messaging, advertising and social media. I’m more than happy to talk your ear off about email deliverability too, if you’ll let me.

Many of my presentations and trainings can be seen in written form on the PowerThru blog. In 2012 I helped rewrite the Democracy for America training manual’s online organizing chapter, including contributing two new sections on online advertising and fundraising. Both of those sections are cross-posted on our blog. I also rewrote and updated the online organizing training for Camp Wellstone, and Camp Wellstone’s Advanced Campaign Management School at the end of 2013. I’m slowly working my way through writing a book on digital organizing for progressives and Democratic campaigns.

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